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The Divide

“The Divide” is a mixed media piece that was started when NASA discovered polarized fields in the deep gulf. The main force in this polarization was pulling westward. There were no projected results that I found but it seemed that polarized forces made their own statement of future possible results adding to the impact of extreme climatic change.

In addition, the environmental polarization of social, political, and economic divisions both in this country and worldwide have become prevalent and affects us all.

This Mixed media piece of art is on 59” X 40" width French Archies 300 lb. paper. This was chosen because it has an interactive surface: it is alive. Numerous mediums were used in the development of this mixed media work of art, always starting from a variety of pencils in addition to paints, dyes, and polymers. This created a tricky application using a layered technique. Some of the mediums had to be keep separate in order to work together. It was a time consuming process but needed to create the dimensional quality the piece needed.

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