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The Convergence series is a layering and fusion of thoughts and influences from different cultures, especially my impressions while traveling through Thailand. During these trips, I began to explore the spatial placement of various temples and ancient monuments as well as their surrounding environments.

My mind retained the scintillating richness permeating within the temples' golden and natural materials as well as the vibrant colors and textures found in Thai silk. This series developed from deep reflection and self-centering as well as from the serenity emulated by the Buddhist monks who left a lasting emotional and visual impression...Convergence.

"The Convergence paintings...seem to come from a more interior place, a place within Alston's own consciousness - what she calls a "found state of being" - rather than within the shared consciousness of humankind." - Peter Frank

"REBECCA ALSTON has explored the concept and meaning of color as a major thrust of her artistic career...She allows the color to speak with all of its implications — psychologically, environmentally, and musically." - Dr. Patricia Pinson, Curator of Walter Anderson Museum of Art

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