One-on-One with Rebecca Alston: Travel

Alston has traveled around the world and each placed has influenced her in a different way but as she explains, some just stand out above the rest.

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“The first part of my career I was influenced mostly by the European Avant Guard, The Bauhaus in Germany, the Distill Group from Holland and the Russian Constructivists. Europe has so many ties to the US. Whether I was in Italy, France, Spain or Portugal, I could feel the rich history throughout. It’s always right at your fingertips.”

“Asian countries had a totally different impact on my art. I felt more settled and less on edge while there. I reached a sense of ease and connection to a concept and found a relationship with the materials I was working with. Drawing as much as I do, seeing how their masterful use line work and paper, both historically and in a contemporary sense, was euphoric.”

“Japan offered me a line between my understating of western color and the more social integrative use of color and form. There were also extreme differences of element placement in parts of the country.”

“Thailand was by far the most inspirational for me. I turned even more inward in my approach with art after spending time there. Thailand had a powerful result on my work and moved me toward a new way of thinking. I didn’t intellectualize my work as much as I had in the past.”

“What is interesting about traveling is that I realize which locations I can or can’t work in very quickly. Some cities surprise me and I can create a successful work and some I can’t reach any clarity or wholeness while visiting. You may absorb such richness and then after settling, it takes time to resonate into a creation.”

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