April 21, 2015

In honor of Earth Day and the unfortunate five-year anniversary of the BP oil spill, I would like to take a moment to explain one of my pieces that takes a deeper look into what happens when oil is spilled into our oceans. I have always had a strong feeling towards dumping oil into bodies of water but after the oil spill took place, I knew someone needed to start the conversation about what actually happens when a spill occurs.


My piece, Eco Oil, is showing what happens when any oil is spilled or emptied into the ocean. The oil spreads through the current and slides right into our ecosystem. The oil eventually makes its way to the base of the ocean where it slowly begins to destroy habitats and sea life. It can penetrate three feet below the ocean floor and beach line. This is not only affecting what happens to our sea life and habitats but also is affecting mankind. The oil is integrating carcinogens into the ocean and then into the fish and into us. In shellfish, for example, the carcinogens poison them and we take them out of the ocean to eat and ingest those toxins into our bodies.


Eco Oil was made to make people stop and think about what happens and maybe make some of these companies, who are dumping oil, think twice before they do it again.

BF ECO OIL                                                                                                                                               MIXED MEDIA DRAWING 13" X 23"

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April 21, 2015

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